Product Review: Watmuff & Beckett

After watching Dragon’s Den on Sunday evening, I had a great idea for a post and considering I’ve come down with a cold, it couldn’t have come at a better time.

I love Dragon’s Den! I enjoy seeing what inventions are brought in and which Dragons bite at the opportunity and I especially like it when the inventors are local. So as soon as I knew they were from Somerset (and it was food related) I was rooting for Watmuff & Beckett.

Unaware that the products were sitting in my local Tesco, I sat on the sofa wishing I could taste the delights that the dragons were sampling. I had my fingers crossed that Watmuff wasn’t going to hear the two words ‘I’m out’ and with the dragons showing signs of appreciation it was looking likely that an investment was going to be made and it was!

Soups and risottos are both dishes that I love to eat, but they’re also ones that I don’t often make from scratch. Also when I have cold I turn to warming dishes, so the next day I googled the pair and came across their website. The stockists tab was jumping out at me. I knew from the show that Asda was one, but as I don’t have an Asda near me, I was hoping one of our local Deli’s might be on the list too. Then I saw the Tesco logo and instantly decided to stop at two local stores on my way home. I had carefully selected which flavours I was going to try, although I knew in reality I would just buy whichever ones were on the shelves. In fact, there were only two flavours of their soups available and one of the risottos (the other was sold out). So I purchased the wild mushroom, lemon and thyme risotto and the BBQ pulled pork and white bean soup. At just £2 each they were a great price and whatever my mum was planning to cook was about to be relegated to Wednesday night.


On Monday I decided to have the risotto and I loved the flavour. I could taste everything, the lemon, thyme and the chunky mushroom pieces. There was no need for anything additional and no need for pudding either, it was filling and utterly delicious.


Last night was the turn of the soup. As it was simmering on the hob, I could smell the BBQ flavour and I should have guessed from the packaging, with the image of the sun and the word ‘smokin’, that it was going to pack a punch. The soup was hot and spicy and if my nose wasn’t already running from my cold then it was from the soup. I loved it though, so much so that I used pieces of bread to soak up every last bit.


I’m glad I caught the Dragon’s Den programme and was introduced to this duo and I can’t wait for the chorizo and butternut squash risotto to come back into stock and also to discover some more of the flavours.


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