Hey everyone, welcome to my blog Country Cottage Bakes.

I love my mum’s kitchen – wooden worktops, beautiful country views and a cake tin that is rarely empty. I consider my mum to be an excellent cook, but she will always say that her skills came from a love of baking at an early age. Just like my mum I consider myself a baker rather than a cook. Don’t get me wrong I love cooking, discovering new recipes and feeling excited at creating a tasty dish for breakfast, lunch or dinner, but if I have time on my hands a spot of baking is just what I will do.

As well as my passion for food, I love to write. I’ve always been creative with a pen and paper – doodling on exercise books and writing stories. Country Cottage Bakes is my way to combine the two. To produce beautiful tasting and looking bakes that I can write about and share with you all. Some recipes may be simple and others will test my skills and push me to become a better baker, discovering tips and tricks that may not be in books.

I hope you all enjoy my blog and find some recipes that you might want to try too.

Happy Baking!